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Dots & Boxes and 4 In a Row Games Combined Into One Challenging Game - It's Fun & Free!

Out-line(TM) Squares & Row is a Dots and Boxes and Row game (e.g Ti Tac Toe, Four in a Row or Connect 4) - two of the best abstract games kids and adult alike have been enjoying and also helping many kids build their social and logical thinking skills. With some simple tweaks, you can now both enjoy Dots & Boxes and 4 In a Row in a more challenging ways with family and friends at the same time with Out-line™ Squares & Row app


Out-line™ Squares & Row Double Challenge
Try to be the first to get an unbroken row of four or more squares. BUT there's another challenge; you cannot just put your markers and get those squares - you must also use strategies and tactics to get them. Can you take on these two abstract games in one game?


 “Fantastic new game; a super app for enhancing strategy and tactics”  -BestAppsForKids


"This 4 In a Row/ Dots & Boxes game will put your strategies and tactic skills to the test" - CrazyMikeApps


"...the game actually is very challenging and fun to play" - TheGamerWithKids.com


Out-line™ Squares & Row Advantage

A More Challenging Game - Two main challenges require new strategy and tactics

Build and Also Develop Logical Thinking Skills to a Higher Level

Designed for Kids Ages 7 to Adult - Family and Friends can spend time together

Supports Two Players - where kids, parents and other family members and friends can play head to head

Also Supports One Player - Go against early stage computer that challenges player find different ways to win!

More Exciting Ways of Acquiring Squares and Rows - compare to Dots & Boxes and 4 In a Row


More Features:

* Ad Free Premium Version For iPhones and iPod Touch

* Free Ad Supported Version For iPhones and iPod Touch

* Undo move within 5 seconds, when you make a wrong move

* Automatic save when you exit a game

* Sound On and Off Option

* Simple rules

* A True Abstract  Game 


Ready to face two abstract games with new strategy and tactics?

It's fun and it builds and develops social logical thinking skills.


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Coming Soon to be Developed!

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